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Albuquerque, New Mexico

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We rolled into Albuquerque on a beautiful picturesque evening. To our surprise, the FamCamp location we were staying at was located on Kirkland Air Force Base. We didn't know until we pulled up to the base checkpoint that the campground was located on base! The kids were super excited to check out what the base had to offer. Bowling, movie theater, rock climbing, parks, and of course a chow hall (or as our new friend retired Army First Sargent Billy Jack would call it, a dining facility). The truck needed a sensor repaired so we were in Albuquerque for about two weeks. During that time we explored the area and God placed some great people in our path. Our time in Albuquerque was really fun and there were tons of things to do. Here are a few pictures of our adventures in Albuquerque..

The National Museum of Nuclear Science and History-
Lots of history on WW2, famous scientists, and the nuclear bomb. Also had an outdoor exhibit with many planes.
Round 1 arcade games and bowling- Adriana and Mikel were super excited about the arcade games. They had tons of Japanese claw games that you could play for your favorite plushie. They found a video game about Mario Olympics and a huge Hungry Hungry Hippo game!
Sawmill Market-
Located in downtown Albuquerque, The Sawmill Market was in a renovated sawmill. There were many food vendors that all served unique and appetizing foods. Something for everyone! On our way out we grabbed soft-serve Ice cream from a Japanese sweets vendor. Adriana was thrilled!
New Mexico Museum of Natural History and Science-
Just down the street from the Sawmill Market is the Natural History Museum. There were many things to see but I think we all agreed that the space and planet exhibit was the coolest!
Thunderbird Inn-
Also known as the CHOW Hall! Retirees and their families could eat at the chow hall on weekends. We enjoyed showing up for brunch and getting a nice big meal. The perk to eating at the chow hall is the price. $20 bucks for all four of us to eat. What normally would cost $80 for the same meal at IHOP.
On base, activities are very affordable or free. We filled our time with cosmic bowling, pool, and rock climbing.
Additional pictures of interest-
The architecture of the southwest was very unique! I loved the character of the ranch homes.
We had fun riding our bikes around FamCamp. Lola likes to ride in my bike basket.
Aaron and Mikel love retro video games. We stopped into a Cyber Cafe where they had set up an 80's themed room. All the things from our childhood! Such a flashback. On the big TV, we played four players on Mario Cart.
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